Laura Is Right Indeed

Laura's Right!

WASHINGTON (May 14) – First lady Laura Bush said on Sunday she does not believe opinion polls showing her husband's approval ratings at record low levels.

I think Laura's right to not believe these opinion polls. Afterall, they are conducted by telephone. Nobody is asking the millions of homeless people on the streets how they feel about the president. The two million men and women in our growing prison population don't get asked about what they think. Then we have the millions of Americans who can't afford to have a phone due in large part to the exporting of American jobs overseas.

Then we have the fact that President Bush's policies only benefit the upper 5% of the population, with most of that going to the tiny fraction of a percentage in the upper 1%. So it's hard to imagine how even 29% of Americans could actually think he's doing a good job.

I think if we had an honest poll and asked a truly representative sample of our population, Bush's approval ratings would be much lower.

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