More Stuff on 9/11

More stuff on 9/11

It's not my intention to cover all the problems with the official version of events on 9/11, but it's crucial to get this information out there. I think we'd all sleep better at night knowing that our government was neither complicit nor helped plan or carry out the attacks that fateful day. But what if they did know about them prior to 9/11? What if they not only knew about them but helped plan and carry them out?

Maybe it's just a wack conspiracy theory dreamed up in some fancy coffee house. But then there is Operation Northwoods. And we have the PNAC documents dreaming of a "new Pearl Harbor." Let's not forget this is the same gang of crooks who just stole two elections. Two presidential elections!

A lot of you probably watch these crime dramas on TV. If you found out that Richard Pearl had written about how they would need to kill Bill Clinton to get so and so done and then Bill Clinton died and they carried out their plans, wouldn't you be a bit suspicious? It's not some little guy like me writing about a new Pearl Harbor. These are people in the highest levels of our government spelling out what they are going to do and it all happens according to plan…well except the elections, but they fixed those.

I'd just ask that you not be so quick to dismiss it all as rubbish. There isn't just one "theory" as to what happened. I'm not trying to tell you what happened. Frankly, I don't know. But there are lots of problems with the official version of events. When things don't add up you begin to wonder what really happened that day. Why the lies? Why the coverup and suppression of evidence? The Pentagon has just been attacked, you're an FBI agent, what do you do? Well apparently within minutes of the attack you arrive at nearby businesses to seize surveillance footage, footage that has still not been released. Isn't that strange? Well check out some more strange stuff below:

"As of 21 days after the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running," Leslie Robertson, structural engineer responsible for the design of the WTC, said at the National Conference of Structural Engineers on October 5, 2001.

AFP reported in 2002 that pools of "literally molten steel" were seen in the basements of the collapsed twin towers and WTC 7 by contractors hired to remove the rubble.

The official reports by NIST, FEMA and the 9-11 Commission, however, omit any mention of the large quantities of molten metal observed in the basement areas of WTC 7 and the towers.

These extreme temperatures explain the toxicity of the air. This intense heat vaporized many of the toxic metals that are used in computers and electronic as well as other toxic building materials. But these intense fires do raise real problems for the "official story." Jet fuel is essentially kerosene. Even under perfect conditions it doesn't burn that hot.

"In the mid-1990s British Steel and the Building Research Establishment performed a series of six experiments at Cardington to investigate the behavior of steel frame buildings. These experiments were conducted in a simulated, eight-story building. Secondary steel beams were not protected. Despite the temperature of the steel beams reaching 800-900° C (1,500-1,700° F) in three of the tests (well above the traditionally assumed critical temperature of 600° C (1,100° F), no collapse was observed in any of the six experiments."

These temperatures simply cannot be accounted for by jet fuel. And such an explanation would never explain the vaporizing of computers and electronics and building materials. With jet fuel the building never collapses and the toxic cloud never develops.

Houston, we have a problem.

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