If I Heard the Lord right………..

If I heard the Lord right…

That wacky Pat Robertson is at it again. This time he's warning us that

The coasts of America will be lashed by storms.

He also mentions a possible tsunami. But the funniest thing about ol' Pat is that he begins his statements with:

If I heard the Lord right

If I heard God right? Was he busy with something else while God was speaking to him? Was he thinking about how he'd like to kill Hugo Chavez when God was giving him this important warning? Or does God mumble, maybe even stutter? It's rumored that Jesus actually said "Blessed are the Greeks for they shall inherit the earth."

I'm guessing Moses would have had a hard time convincing the Israelites to obey the ten commandments if he had come down from Mount Sinaia and and said, "If I heard God right…." Their probably wouldn't be a billion Muslims today if the Prophet Mohammed had prefaced his statements with, "If I heard Allah right…."

If God takes the time out of his busy schedule to talk to you, pay attention!

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