9/11 & National Geographic

Monday, May 01, 2006

9/11 & National Geographic

Tonight I noticed National Geographic Channel has a propaganda piece on 9/11. I haven't checked out all the stuff on their site just yet, but the show was just complete garbage. I'll share two examples of what I'm talking about. There are numerous other examples if you watch the program.

The first one has to do with Flight 77 which allegedly hit the Pentagon that fateful day. They show the video footage of the explosion that ripped through the Pentagon and claim it is video of the plane. Problem is that there is clearly no plane in the film. So they do what any good propagandist would do: they create a computer rendering of the plane hitting the Pentagon.

Did you catch that? After showing you the video that doesn't show any plane hitting anything, they create a computer rendering of what you should have seen so that you can believe their official story. Interestingly they only show the troubling video footage once. But they show the computer rendering of what they would like you to believe happened a few times.

The second problem in the film deals with Firefighter Chief Palmer. Palmer had reached the "raging infernos" on the 78th floor and had devised a plan to put them out! In his communication he describes:

"two isolated pockets of fire", and requests two lines (hoses) to knock it down.

What's so weird about the NGC piece is they play the audio of Chief Palmer on the 78th floor and yet don't discuss it at all. On the one hand we're supposed to believe that the impact zone was a raging inferno cooking the steel beams at about 2,000 degrees. On the other hand, we had two firefighters up there who saw "isolated pockets" of fire and felt that two lines could knock it down.

I know I said two, but let me include one more morsel of truth. An FBI agent explains to the NGC crew that building collapse was never even thought about. This is something that gets talked about. Nearly 400 firefighters died that day and it wasn't because they were dumb. They knew that steel framed buildings don't collapse due to fire. It had never happened before in history. They felt safe in that building. What they didn't know was that the building had been set with explosives in the weeks prior to the attack to create a professional demolition.


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