I’ve been blogging for about two years now. I started on AOL at Random Thoughts from a Progressive Mind. Then I joined up with some other AOL bloggers and helped create The Blue Voice at Blogspot. This will hopefully be my third and final stop on the blogging highway.

It’s going to take me some time to get everything the way I want it, but that’s really just bells and whistles. What’s important is the writing, right? So what’s this blog about?

This blog is an ecclectic mix of news (first person from demos) and analysis of current events with an emphasis on historical context. If you are an activist in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, or even the greater L.A. area, you’ll find news and blurbs about upcoming events. Pictures, news, and analysis after events will also be included.

My blog is, I believe, unique in that I don’t simply run with whatever the mainstream journalists are throwing us. The Iraq war didn’t suddenly stop being illegal because the “news” people aren’t talking about it. Issues, like illegal immigration, are looked at within their historical framework. Understanding how NAFTA and U.S. intervention in Latin America has directly resulted in the problem we are facing today, gives us a better chance of finding lasting solutions.

You will also find constant reminders of propaganda at work. Is Iran really the world’s leading state sponsor of terror? Why is Iran’s funding of Hamas terrorism but U.S. funding of Israel is considered aid? Why are stories about oranized labor almost always told from the consumer’s point of view? Why is there no “Labor” section in the daily paper?

Some of you have been reading me for a couple years now. Others will hopefully be new here and to my writing. My hope is to put things in a way that maybe you hadn’t thought about before. I don’t want to change your mind–though I’m going to try like hell to do it–but I do hope to plant seeds of hope; hope that things can be better and that we have the power to make that true.

The problem is bigger than Democrats or Republicans. But we can make a difference. Bring your opposing comments, but please be civil. Tell me why I’m wrong. Let me know if you agree. Sit down a while and let’s think.

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