“I’m The Decider”

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

'I'm the Decider'

"I'm the decider and I decide what's best," Bush told reporters in the Rose Garden as he announced several White House staff changes.

Does anyone know what Bush's first language is, because it's sure not English. Some of my friends at workare still learning English and often get embarrassed by the mistakes they make, silly things they accidently say. I just point out that, "Hey, you speak better English than the guy in charge of the whole country!"
Who are you sir?

I'm the Decider! Or did he say Dictator?

And why is anybody surprised by this? Bush isn't asking anybody to be competent or be accountable. The only thing he's looking for is loyalty and obedience. So what if you got a memo about some guy named bin Laden planning attacks in the U.S. That's just history stuff. And what do those stupid generals know? We could take Iraq with half the troops those dummies want. Dictators, I mean Deciders like yes-people (I'm so PC).

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