I Love Hugo Chavez!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I love Hugo Chavez!

I think I'll tag every post about Hugo Chavez like that. I exaggerate my affection for the man, but I must say I'm impressed by what he's doing in Venezuela. It says a lot about where Latin America is headed as a whole, but it also says a great deal about where we are headed as a nation. First, let me share with you the extraordinary good news that Hugo–gotta love him–Chavez is bringing to the poor mothers of Venezuela: Mothers of the Barrios is a new social program that, among other things, will pay mothers living in extreme poverty 80% of the minimum wage.

Now before we go on I'd like all American mothers to realize that they are contemptably worthless in the eyes of our meritocracy which assigns value to those trades, professions, and livelihoods that are beneficial. On this scale of importance stock brokers and hedge fund investors rank extremely high; mothers, on the other hand, rank at the bottom of the barrel. Your work as mothers in this country is held in contempt and is given no value what-so-ever.

Think about that for a moment as you ponder the incredibly wonderful idea to pay women for being mothers! It's really valuable work, isn't it? It's incredibly valuable work, and certainly the measely 80% of the minimum wage isn't sufficient, but damn it's a step in the right direction. It's recognition that being a mother is damn important.

Meanwhile, the richest nation on earth single mothers are usually forced into some type of indentured servitude in order to receive the paltry sum the government doles out to them; meanwhile their children are raised by strangers. Nice, isn't it?

I know the liberal media wants you to believe that Chavez is a madman bent on taking over the United States. That crazy guy is busy building housing for the poor and providing them with access to health care. He's recognized the value of being a mom and he's taking steps to help poor mom's take care of their kids. Spread the good news: moms are important!

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