Protesting And Protesting Some More

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Protesting and Protesting some more

The last three days have been a series of different protests for me, so let me take a moment to report back on them. In subsequent posts I plan on talking a bit more about some of these events and sharing some pictures.

Thursday was a local protest against Eminent Domain Abuse. The City Council wants to take a local resident's home from her and give it to wealthy developers so they can build a Lowes shopping center. I'd estimate that about 50 people showed up to the protest. There were even more in the City Council meeting. With a population of around 13,000, we had a pretty good turnout.

Friday was our weekly Peace Rally on the corner of University and Iowa in Riverside. It's part of an on-going vigil held each week by R.A.P.J.A. (Riverside Area Peace and Justice Action). It was a typical weekly vigil with about a half dozen protesters. It's a wonderful group of people. I'll be reporting more on this group in future posts.

Saturday was the big rally for Immigrant Rights. The march was dedicated to Anthony Soltero a young student activist who committed suicide after being threatened with prison time from school officials. According to Indy Media there were about 6,000 people. I think that number is a little low, but I have no way to really give an accurate number. The crowd was large. People were gathering two hours ahead of schedule at Olmypic and Broadway in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. We marched to City Hall and had a wonderful event.

The last three days have been wonderful. We're fighting the good fight. I always meet the most wonderful people at these events and the last three days were no exception.

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