Nativist Whiners Plase Take Notice

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nativist Whiners Please Take Notice

Something about the Mexican flag just drives whiteys nuts. Again and again I heard people complain about the presence of the Mexican flag at pro-immigrant rallies. But it has also been pointed out time and again that typically it is the native born Americans of Mexican descent who are waving the Mexican flag and not first generation immigrants. Well what could make the case more clear than actual photos?

The gentleman in the picture above, wrapped in and waving the Mexican flag, was born here. He's proud of his roots; he's proud of the sacrifice so many people have made to come here and work for a better life for their families.

The gentleman in the picture below is an immigrant to our country. Notice how he has wrapped himself in the American flag with the American flag hat.

Frankly, I think all the whining about flag waving is ridiculous. I've never heard anybody complain about the Irish waving their flags on St. Patty's day. I've never seen anybody get bent out of shape when my Italian friends wave their flags on Columbus Day. But I thought I would provide a little bit of evidence to support what we've been saying all along. Now, could you quit your whining?

–all pictures taken by yours truly at Saturdays March

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